We believe that smart integrations of technology, business services and human capacity are key to a flourishing business that can stay ahead of the curve.


We offer our knowledge and experience in integrating and growing technological applications, business services and the human capacity to utilize them tackling and serving the needs of our stakeholders in a dynamic business environment.

Celltek at a Glance

We are a service company specialized in the integration of technological applications, business services, and human capacities in every aspect of our customers’ dynamic business cycle.

Building on a heritage of ICT expertise coupled with an ability to deliver cost efficient services and solutions, we have a human approach to technology and we use our internal diversity to serve our clients in the most tailored and specific way.
We believe thatsmart technological integrations, broad expertise and an open mindset for innovation are incremental for an efficient business that can stay ahead of the curve.

Hello UK

In 2016, Celltek established its new branch office in the UK, providing a more localized service to the UK and the entire European region.
Our new branch is part of our existing growth strategy in which we are obtaining full presence in the integrated business support sector serving our customers’ needs while optimizing their investment. We serve our clients, building long-term relationships, by providing excellent software development and other related services.